The new ECU Governing Council – The renewal of the association goes through the elections

The Governing Council is a key element for the good performance of the activity and for associative life. For this reason, after many years since its inception, ECU has accomplished a great job of updating and renewing and has elected the new Steering Committee.

Last May, many of the ECU member organizations met in Brussels for the General Assembly to make some changes to make the association more and more active and up to date. Among these could not fail to update the Steering Committee!

ECU saw: a move to the Presidency, a confirmation of the Treasury, the establishment of the figure of the Secretary General, the enlargement of the Vice Presidencies and the establishment of the Presidency Staff. Among the news a very importan one is the election of the Honorary President.

The Governing Council is composed by:

President: Sergio Veroli,  current Vice President – Organizing and Secretary of the Transport and Health Department of the association Federconsumatori at national level

Vice Presidents:

Bozena Stasenkova, Past President of Ecu, President of Association of Consumer Organizations in Slovakia, full member of ECCG (European Consumer Consultative Group)

Guy Beauné, past Vice President of Ecu, President of the association Indecosa, France

Igor Vujovic, President of Association Croatian Consumer, Full Member of ECCG (European Consumer Consultative Group)

Secretary General: Mariano Votta, Head of European Citizenship Policy, full member of ECCG (European Consumer Consultative Group)

Treasurer: Giovanni Dei Giudici, formerly Treasurer of ECU, President of association Federconsumatori of Piedmont

Honorary President: Ugo Mattei, Professor of International Law Compared to Hastings College of Law at the University of California at San Francisco, where he holds the chair of Alfred and Hanna Fromm Professor of International and Comparative Law. He is a professor of civil law at the University of Turin. He is academic coordinator at the International University College of Turin. Ugo Mattei’s scientific activity specializes in the study and definition of “common goods”.

Nuovo direttivo ECU

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