ECU sign the interpellation to the French Presidency of the EU to support the network of Consumer Associations

On the occasion of the French Presidency of the European Union, Sergio Veroli, as President of ECU, has signed an interpellation to President Emmanuel Macron inviting him to provide the network of consumer associations in Europe with the means to operate.

The European Commission, the Parliament and the Council have been working for months on the “New Deal for Customers”, as well as on the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act, focusing on the digitization of consumer relationships and on the necessary legislative and administrative adaptations that follow. Digital exclusion is still widespread in EU and it’s due above all to the lack of adequate equipment and knowledge about digital tools and difficulty in using the resulting information. In this field Consumer Association have an essential role. Furthermore, inflation in Europe force millions of
citizens to buy only low-quality products, with all the health, social and
environmental disasters that this will inevitably generate in the short and medium term.

The European minimum wage is a first step, a base beyond which it will be necessary, for all the
Consumer Associations of the EU, to build sustainable means of operation. We need concrete actions in this direction and we ask to President Macron to listen to our expectations, for the benefit of several million European consumers.

Dowload interpellation

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