Events that we support

ECU  (European Consumers Union) supports ant defends consumers rights day by day. Experts advice, mediation with companies, information to citizens through public events, focusing on thmes of general interest:
  • conventions
  • formation events
  • editing of in depth-analysis
  • meetings with lawyers, public administration, public and private companies
  • public awareness campaign on social media
ECU talk on national and european administrations as a connector between local and global levels, discussing and informing people from the local market to the European Parlement. ECU sustains the caleidoscopic developement of the comunitary consumerism.
ECU participate in main european meetings about consumers rights to note changes and needs that consumers and experts express.
ECU support the most strategical and urgent requests relative to spending power and healt
ECU pomote research activity (analysis, surveys)

Participation in events

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