About us

ECU, European Consumers Union, is an association of European consumers, acting in accordance with European principles expressed in the European Constitution, the Constitutions of the Countries of the Union, Article 153 of the Amsterdam Treaty and the Charter of Fundamental Rights EU European and human rights.
The association pursues social solidarity and defense of the rights of Consumers and Users at national and European levels and defends and protects consumers in all areas of their interest, namely the food, health, environment, trade, production, savings, investments, the use of public services, taxation, transparency, efficiency, effectiveness and impartiality of the Public Administration.

Our history

European Consumers Union (ECU) was established in 2009 with the main objective of uniting European consumer organizations in order to collaborate on all matters related to consumerism and to support the causes of the pan-European citizens.
ECU is an European association which aims to:
– Represent consumers in the European Community
– Actively participate in European policies aimed at consumers
– Participate in European tenders in order to realize, independently, those actions of disclosure and protection
ECU intends to ensure that European consumers:
– Adequate and correct informations
– Protection and assistance to European citizens in case of disputes, with particular attention to vulnerable consumers
– Have representation in the legislative process at European level

Our values

ECU is inspired by Article 2 of the Consumer Code
1. They are recognized and guaranteed the rights and individual and collective interests of consumers and users, the protection at the national and local level are promoted, , are favored initiatives designed to pursue these objectives, including through the regulation of relations between the associations of consumers and users and public administrations.
2. To Consumers and users are recognized as fundamental rights:
a) the protection of health;
b) the safety and quality of products and services;
c) adequate information and correct advertising;
d) consumer education;
e) the fairness, transparency and equity in contractual relations;
f) the promotion and development of free, voluntary and democratic among consumers and users;
g) the provision of public services according to standards of quality and efficiency.

For ECU “responsibility” means to increase and improve the support of European consumer organizations to consumers, in order to increase their confidence in the European internal market, product safety and for a loyal relationship with the companies of the countries national, European and third. “Responsibility” also means sharing of best practices and methodologies, data exchange in the field of dispute resolution, improve the activities of consumer education, particularly in schools and for vulnerable people.

Our world is in a total transformation and often we don’t consider that the elements of nature are not infinite. ecu believes that it is essential to respect the use of resources and natural materials to ensure both current generations and future generations.

The correctness of relationships between members, to the institutions and to the Consumer is, to ECU, an unavoidable condition