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1. Articles

The articles in this site are writed from the staff. Each article writed from others persons are signed.
Credits (images, video, illustrations) are always specified. Quoted brands belong to legal owners.

This site is updated without Questo sito viene aggiornato senza alcuna periodicity and the frequency of articles is free. This blog isn’t an editorial product or a newspaper (law n. 62 del 07/03/2001). Contents represent the point of vue of the author.


The staff is free to remove according to their will comments that are:

  • illecit, defamatory, racist or  slanderous
  • hatefuls and violents
  • offensive to persons, institutions or religions
  • contrary to the privacy
  • harmful to young people and teenagers
  • harmful to brands, patents, copyright protected contents
  • spam or commercial communication

Comments represents exclusively the opinions of the author.

For any new comment WordPress reports day, hour and ip adress of the person whoo comments and it’s necessary to insert a valid e-mail address. Collected data will not sold to thirs parties if not at the request of authorities in case of wrongful.