The European Sustainable Energy Week 2017

The 21st June 2017, Active Citizenship Network (ACN)  invited the European Consumer Union (ECU) to participate in the European Sustainable Energy Week 2017.

ACN, together with three other organizations, CECED, SEDC and the ECOS, promoted and organized the conference “A smart energy system for consumers, consumers for a smart energy system”.

This conference was selected by the European Commission among the most interesting proposals of the annual edition of the European Sustainable Energy Week.

To know more about the conference, the speakers and to download the presentations, click here.

The event aimed at gathering from a wide range of experts (citizen and consumer organizations, industry, environmental NGOs and institutions) useful feedback on the development of the intelligent energy system for the benefit of active consumers.

During the event were exposed the results of several “on-the-ground” projects and intelligent technologies, in which an active role of citizens is increasingly required.

The event also allowed the discussion on how the new Clean Energy for All Europeans Package could contribute to further stimulating the smart energy system for consumers as well as encouraging the same consumers to participate in an intelligent energy system. To see the event pictures, click here.

ECU Representative was the Vice-President Bozena Stasenkova, who commented on the Clean Energy Package from a consumerist perspective.

She offers singular insights on how to educate consumers on the use of Smart Energy Systems starting from schools.

In this regard, she also showed several examples of good practices such as the “Energy and the Environment” project (carried out by the students of Artashat, Armenia and Mira, Italy), or the project “Efficiency in Croatia and Lithuania” (Developed by students from Raseiniai, Lithuania and Vukovar, Croatia).

To know more about the international competition for young consumers “Consumption for Life” click here.

To see the pictures of the event click here.

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