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In the world, unfortunately, a lot of food is thrown away, despite the economic crisis, and although there are still many people who suffer from hunger. The food, the production of which cost money, labor, water, energy, should be used to feed humans, animals, land and only in the end, be composted into the ground or end up in landfill.

What can we do in our homes, to curb this aberrant phenomenon, this colossal food waste?

  • buy high quality food, locally sourced, without a lot of packaging
  • buy the amount of food we need and not much more
  • if you want to buy more, to go at all times, carry shopping list and plan the menus of meals
  • avoid offers 3 for 2
  • buy simple food to cook at the moment
  • reuse leftovers in our traditional dishes (pasta timbales, croquettes, omelets, cakes, fruit salads …)
  • collect the wet aside for compostarli in our garden, if we have it

These small steps, these small changes in our habits, may have the power to reduce food waste in the world.

An ant, it’s just an ant, but many ants can make a difference …

It ‘s important to educate children at the disposal of food waste so that they do not become, like most adults, unwary of the importance of food.

Today, food is considered to be a product, a commodity among many. Instead, the food is more than a product, it is, first of all,  what allows us to live and embodies the culture, history, labor, ecology, balance of the world.

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