We can’t waste food

  • Food is more than a commodity: it is life, communication, relationship, ties, culture, tradition. Its value is greater than that of any other goods
  • Prefer quality to quantity: we eat a lot more than we need, and this causes problems to overfeed. It’s better to prefer quality to quantity
  • Sometimes what is natural is not good looking: we seek perfection, but perfection is in the nature of diversity. In this age of the image, we associate the criterion of beauty to goodness
  • Choose seasonal produce: every fruit has its season, if we learn this, we’ll eat better and healthier
  • Choose local products: greater distance, greater waste
  • Learn to read labels: on the labels, expiration dates, are often indicative and refer to the qualitative aspects. Only in some cases the expiration dates are set rigidly. It ‘s important to know the difference (in Italia, for example, the words “to use preferibly within ….” it does not indicate that the food at that date is no longer edible)
  • Get used to use the freezer: most of the food can be frozen. Use your freezer at home is a great way to reduce waste
  • Use leftovers with imagination: from meatballs to soups, you can use the leftovers to create new and tasty dishes

Image from Library Company of Philadelphia via Flickr

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