Our directive committee is an european one, such as all the staff is.

President: Sergio Veroli

  Sergio Veroli is the President of the European Consumer Union and Vice-President of the Italian consumer organisation Federconsumatori. For more than 20 years, he worked in the trade union Italian General Confederation of Labor (CGIL) becoming in 2001 the National Secretary Nidil. Since 2005, he is Vice-President in the Italian consumer organisation Federconsumatori coordinating also in 2012 the project “EU4consumers”. In 2009, he was appointed as President of the Consumers’ Forum and in 2015 Deputy Secretary Vice-President at Federconsumatori.

Secretary General: Mariano Votta

  Mariano Votta is the Secretary General of the European Consumer Union, Responsible for European Affairs at Cittadinanzattiva and Director of its European branch Active Citizenship Network. He has more than 17 years of experience in the field of protection of citizens’ rights, stakeholder engagement, communication and civic information. His was the idea to encourage and promote the Member of the European Parliament Interest Group “European Patients’ Rights & Cross-Border Healthcare” at the European Parliament during 2015. In August 2017, the EU Commission officially appointed Mariano Votta as Full Member of the European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG) for the next 3 years.

Vice President: Božena Stašenková

  Božena Stašenková is the vice-president of the European Consumer Union (ECU) and the president of the Association of Consumer Organizations in Slovakia. For over 17 years, she actively deals with consumerism and she has collaborated with Slovak Institutions being member of Energy Committee at National Parliament, member of the Consumer Committee at the Ministry of Economics and member of the Labeling Committee at the Ministry of the Environment. At European Level, from 2003 to 2009, she has been the Slovak member of the European Consumer Consultative Group.

Vice President: Guy Beaune

  Guy Beaune is the Vice-President of the European Consumer Union and National Secretary of the French consumer organisation Indecosa. He is also Member of the National Consumer Council, of the High Committee of the Quality of the Transport Services and of the High Council of Energy.
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