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About ECU

ECU is a network of european associations  born to connect global and local consumer’s needs. We defend and diffuse consumer’s rights and we mediate between citizens, lawyers, local and international administrations.

  • we take care of consumers problems
  • we find fast and concrete
  • we offer lawyer consulting
  • we mediate with public administrations and companies
  • we informe and we awake regarding consumerisme themes

ECU protect the purchasing power and monitor the market to garantee transparency, health and fundamental rights.
Food, health, environment, saving are only few of several themes that ECU promote.

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Love for transparency

ECU is a network of associations that promote consumers rights and defend spending power from incorrectness, adulteration and rudeness during buying of services or products.

The relationship with consumers coud be transparent and correct; this is the only way to make a conscious choice.


Love for land

ECU is faiting against adulteration and bad conservation of alimentary, cosmetic  and farmaceutic raw material.  Fruit and vegetables, erboristic products have to respect freshness and salubrity that are the best warranty for the protection of health.
Health right is a cornerstone our association. A good nutrition is genuine, organic and pathogend agents free.

Love for consumers

Final consumer haven’t to pay unreasonnables costs. He haven’t to square the budget of the smal or the big distribution by giving more than what is due. Preis have to be congruous and products have to be of good quality.

June 5, environment day

On June 5, World Environment Day, we celebrate our terrestrial ecosystem. What activities are planned in your city?

Just eat it

Just eat it is the title of a film on food waste that, after being presented at the Festival Cinema Ambiente of Turin, it made the rounds of several schools of Piedmont, and enjoying amazing success. A vision that we highly recommend for the topic and for the truly original cut of the film.

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